Acid Etched Glass

Item No.: LYD-1004
Acid etched , Frosted glass is produced by acid etching the glass to form an obscure and smooth surface. This glass admits light while providing softening and vision control.

Acid etched glass  is acid-washed! The surface was opaque reaction, a chemical reaction took place! Etched glass products from the particle size, whiteness, smoothness, etc. can be roughly divided into four effects: ordinary effect, sand effect, low reflection effect, no fingerprint effect .

with the nitric acid etching one side or both sides of the glass to obtain concave-convex effect, it can also be tempered.

1. Distinctive, uniformly smooth and satin-like appearance
2. Same light transmittance as the equivalent thickness of ordinary float glass while providing softening and vision control.
3. Maintenance is easy, marks, like finger prints can be easily removed from the surface of the glass.
4. Widely used in residential and commercial settings.

Thickness: 2-19mm
Max size: 2440x1830mm

1. Architecture and construction, like doors and windows in houses, restaurants, hotels, commercial buildings, etc.
2. Interior decoration, like furniture, glass wall, kitchen, etc




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