Silver Mirror

Silver mirrors are commonly known as silver-plated glass mirrors, waterproof mirrors, mercury mirrors, silver-plated mirrors, mirrored glass, etc.

Silver mirror | Aluminum mirror | Copper-free mirror

LianYi Ding Glass High Reflection Corrosion Resistant AC Series Silver Mirror uses non-corrugated high quality float glass as the original film, followed by organic cleaning, polishing and cleaning, pure water purification, cleaning and polishing, spray sensitization, electroless silver plating, copper plating protection layer. The metal atom is infrared-cured, the first time is resistant to corrosion and lacquering and drying, and the second time is made by waterproofing, hard lacquering and drying. 

Applications: Furniture, sliding doors, crafts, decoration, bathroom mirrors, vanity mirrors, optical mirrors, solar thermal mirrors, automotive rearview mirrors, etc.
The tempered mirror can be tempered glass and then mirrored; the surrounding coated surface is painted with a mirror.

Can be processed: edge processing: rounded edge (rough grinding or polishing), straight edge (rough grinding or polishing), beveled edge, the edge of the mirror is not corroded after edging

Specifications: The maximum size of the mirror plate is 2440x3660mm (96 inches X 144 inches). Common specifications include 1830x2440mm (72 inches x 96 inches), 2134x3660mm, 2134x3300mm, 2250x3210mm, 2440x3050mm, 2440x3300mm, 2440x3660mm.

Thickness: 2.0mm 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm